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Production Philosophy

Stay flexible. Stay on budget. Stay calm.

At bMod, we adapt our process to our customers’ needs rather than mandating that they follow our process.

We don’t believe in the concept of a studio queue. If a job can be physically done in the timeframe allotted, then we will do it. Our clients tell us we are able to deliver much more quickly than other agencies, and at much better rates – and we don’t make the process a production.


Product Manager, Remicade
“bMod stands out with respect to comparing to any other agency. Hands down, they deliver with good value and good price. In a period of 4 weeks bMod was able to accomplish work that normally takes 3 or 4 months… they delivered promo materials with awesome creative. It has been a tremendous experience working with them and the passion that they have shown for the brand.”

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