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Strategic Partnership

Behaviour Modification is the name of our game

At bMod Communications, we use the principles of behaviour modification to design and develop leading edge marketing communication and educational programs that meet the needs of our customers in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.

Our focus is to achieve the communications objectives between two parties, with behavioural goals dictating strategy, rather than communication channels or functional areas.


The bCOM™ (bMod Customer-Oriented Marketing) model is based on 4 Key questions:

  1. What do you want your audience to do?
  2. Why aren’t they doing that (optimally) now?
  3. What belief do we need to influence or change to encourage the desired behaviour?
  4. What key initiative(s) will effectively influence beliefs and bring about the desired behaviours?

The key is research with our customer base to understand where our needs meet and where they diverge and why.

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